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loup-malin: Top Five Doctor/Rose moments? (I'm lame and my brain can't do anything more creative than that at the moment...) :)

Not lame at all! I did top five ten/rose already, but happy to be able to include Nine and TenToo as well (and also gives me the chance to include other ten/rose moments). Limiting myself to short comments for each moment bc otherwise I’ll end up babbling all night long. 

I’m cheating and making this chronological instead of in order of favorites. I just can’t choose. 

1. “There’s Me” 


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Hello! Thank you so much for following me. It’s been a lovely Tumblr journey so far and I am so grateful that you like my blog. I want to mention that, just in general, always feel free to say hi to me or strike up a conversation, and know I’d love to be friendly even if you and I haven’t yet spoken.

Anyway, I hit my 1k follower milestone a few days ago and I was thinking of what I wanted to do to celebrate. I definitely want to do a physical giveaway in the future but, seeing as I’m broke, I want to give away the only thing I really have to offer right now: fic and gifs!

Fic prompts - Feel free to prompt me any pairing or fandom I have already written. Obviously, that means Doctor/Rose (and FYI I’d love to stray a bit from Ten right now, though I love writing him too). Also, Broadchurch/SDOACG, Buffy (and crossovers, omg, I’d love to be prompted a BtVS/DW crossover, haha), or something random you think might be fun. Vague prompts work, but please include a pairing or fandom. 

Gif prompts - I’ve clearly got a thing for giffing David Tennant (in Broadchurch, Doctor Who, Single Father, Spies of Warsaw, Hamlet, Much Ado, and Blackpool), but I also love to gif any/all things Buffy, Doctor/Rose, SDOACG, Billie Piper more generally, and really anything you see me blogging. I’ll be happy to gif something new as well. Please specify whether you’d want me to gif a particular moment/scene, or whether you’d want a lyric-based or otherwise themed set (e.g., Rose Tyler, anger/green/smile/whatever). 

Depending on how many I get, I may take a while to answer them all, but I promise a small gifset or ficlet at least and, hopefully, a few bigger responses as well. Please send me your prompt via ask so I can post my response as an answer. :) I’ll edit this post to note when submissions are closed.

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Behind the scenes of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

Excerpts from director James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” (DWM #372)

It’s our last night in the quarry, and we hang David off a cliff to represent him abseiling into the pit… We had him about 20 feet in the air, with wires and a safety harness attached to his chest, which made him really uncomfortable, but the effect is incredible.  I love this scene - such a beautiful, sad, brave moment, as the Doctor unclips himself and hints of his feelings for Rose, before falling into the abyss.  Now David hangs some 100 feet in the air, off the side of the quarry wall, and we just manage to get the shot before we fracture any of David’s ribs.

[Shooting with David & Billie on the TARDIS set] - We do the scene where they’re reunited, and you’d have to be a Cyberman to not be touched by their genuine affection for each other.  I didn’t know it then, but this is the last scene that Billie Piper shoots on Doctor Who.  What a truly special and proper way to end such an amazing journey.  Russell, Phil, and the entire production team gather for the final shots. … Tears and champagne all around!  It’s a wrap!

I have so many behind-the-scenes photos from this two-parter that I should probably do a “Part 2” photoset in the future.

All of my previous behind-the-scenes photoset posts can be found here.

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Anonymous: have i ever said how much i love tkross, burntlikethesun, billiepiedpiper and bittie752? <3
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Rointheta’s Rec List #2



A couple of days ago, I reached a milestone and I’ve put together a rec list to celebrate this! As with my previous list, I think these fics are among the absolute best in our fandom, and they’re written by really talented people. 

It’s mostly Doctor x Rose, organized after genre with summary, pairing, rating, length, and author — and I’ve linked to those I know have tumblr. ^^

Happy reading, and thank you for following me! <3 <3 <3 

(Psst, if you want more recs, here’s the link to rec list #1)

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doctor who + gold

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I create myself
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ten in glasses appreciation post
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GIF MEME | Rose Tyler + Quotes
— requested by raxacorricofallapatorius

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catering staff dress
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thiswandcouldbealittlemoresonic: hmmmm... a difficult one (at least it'd be for me): top 5 fanfics?

Not only is it difficult, it’s impossible! ;D I couldn’t possibly narrow it down unless I broke the list into several different categories. I might do that at some point, but for now I’ll list my top five most re-read fanfics; the ones I revisit when I need something familiar and comfortable. They are mostly short older fics that I discovered when I first started reading doctor/rose fic a couple of years ago.

1. But Broken Lights, rosa-acicularis

Ten/Rose, teen; Post Age of Steel. It’s rare I like a fic that doesn’t even have one kissing scene this much. I found myself re-reading it yet again recently after recommending it to a friend and I seem to find something new every time. If I start talking about why I love it so much, I’ll end up writing pages.

2. Coaster Castles (And Other Sturdy Defenses), by rallalon

Ten/Rose and sorta Nine/Rose, adult. After the events on the Valiant in s3, the Doctor visits s1 Rose in a bar. Ridiculously hot but also moving in a way that makes me tear up almost every time I read it (and I’ve read it several times). 

3. Wait, by Jessa L’Rynn

Ten/Rose, adult (but only a little. No smut). A wonderful and funny look into the Doctor’s thought processes while “drugged” and also a play on the zoo fic/aphrodisiac tropes. 

4. Cusp, by valueturtle 

Ten/Rose, adult. Post TCI. Fluff with a little bit of angst.  This one is newer than the others but I’ve already re-read it at least half a dozen times. The sexual tension and build up is perfectly paced and the smut is both hot and realistic in the best possible way. There’s also new year’s fun and monopoly! 

5. Irrational Snogging, by abadplanwellexecuted

TenToo/Rose, teen. Pure fluff.  If I’m ever feeling down, this fic never fails to cheer me up. It’s hilarious and fluffy and of course there’s lots of kissing. All very good things.

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Make me choose

jennytylersmith asked:Rose with curly hair or Rose with straight hair

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