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Update Tab: Working on fic prompts as soon as the stomach flu finishes wrecking havoc on my life

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"Can’t exactly call for a taxi. There’s no signal. We’re out of range. Just a bit."

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thedreamernameddan: On the same vein as the spaceship question, what types of robots would the 16 types be?



Pay attention, because this may save your life. Some of them are already robots. They may look and sound just like us, but they’re not. They have insidiously infected the populace, in a grand scheme to take us out when we are least expecting it. But, some of them have tells, so arm yourselves with laser pointers and water guns, because it’s essential to know what you’re dealing with, when you’re dealing with it, before it’s too late. The only real way to tell the difference between a robot and a human is to take their pulse. But to do that, you have to get close enough to take it, and robots are smart. So BE CAREFUL.

I’m right behind you. Okay, sort of behind you. Like, fifty yards behind you. Let’s make it a hundred.


XSTJ robots: dutiful, detail-oriented, practical. No bells or whistles. They only upgrade their appearance when it becomes essential or the manufacturer no longer makes that part, forcing them to reluctantly part with their long-established traditional use of that part, and learn a new system that they hate.

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Doomsday In-Vision Commentary

- Best Bits 7/?

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mega-mbti-and-tv-obsessed: This might sound weird and not make any sense at all, but how do you think each type would teach if they were a high school teacher?



… I could not resist. Not sorry, either.

STJs: this is serious business. Open your books. I’ll have you know that I have taught this exact same class, in the exact same way, for the last 30 years and have yet to be impressed by any of my students.

SFJs: through this class, you will learn valuable information to help you in life not only to accomplish your goals but be a better person. I will take an interest in helping each one of you and employ tact when correcting your regrettably frequent mistakes.

NTJs: I don’t want any slackers in this class who are not interested in intellectual debate, who do not intend to put the extensive knowledge I am about to bestow upon you to good use, and who cannot take criticism. I will be somewhat unpredictable in my teaching methods but will always stick to the point.

NFJs: my aim is to help each student conceptualize a goal and work toward it, through highly creative and focused teaching that is unique, memorable, and strives to ignite intellectual conversation in my students.

STPs: I hope you’re not squeamish, because you’re about to get your hands dirty. We’re going to go out into the real world and do real things, because the best knowledge is learned through hands on experience.

SFPs: I’m going to go in for highly creative, organic visual teaching methods that often get you out of the classroom and into the real world. Do not expect me to be predictable, because I am about to blow your mind and shove you out of your comfort zone.

NTPs: logic and ideas are what I value in this classroom. Use them, prove them to me, and be creative. If you disagree with me, that’s fine; if your reasoning is sound, you get a good grade. I’m also happy to derail the entire class if an interesting idea is sparked and engages conversation among the students. I want to explore it.

NFPs: each student must learn in their own way and at their own pace. I want to introduce you to a variety of different perspectives and points of view, through creative experiences. I hope you will open up and share your ideas with me, because I’m willing to discuss anything you value.

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It wasn’t the only time he asked her. 

He asked her in the morning, over steaming cups of tea. 

He asked before she dozed off, applegrass stains on their knees.

He asked in the library, their cheeks warm from the fire. 

He asked on an impossible planet, when all seemed lost.

He asked when she rolled over, grumbling that he hogged the covers.

He asked in 2012, swaying as fireworks boomed overhead.

And no matter how many times he asked, her answer was the same.

How long are you gonna stay with me?


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Doomsday In-Vision Commentary

- Best Bits 5/?

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how  long  are  you  going  to  stay  with  me?
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33-36/ pictures of Billie the Babe

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I never do these, but I want to celebrate this milestone with you guys, so please enjoy these blogs. Note: some of these urls are temporary for halloween.

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Much love, guys!

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Desktop Meme

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