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5/? Pictures of Billie Piper

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Rose Tyler Appreciation Week: day three

↳  favorite relationships


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Scary thought…





Nicholas Brendon, who played Xander in Buffy, is now as old as Anthony Head was when the show first started.



Oh God I’m so old

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RTD Era Meme

8 Episodes: [2/8] - Rose

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billie + david on the set of “fear her”

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TEN HOTTEST TENS as voted by my followers
[3/10] Smith and Jones

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Anonymous: how do you adult successfully


  • always eat breakfast
  • attempt to exercise
  • make to-do lists
  • at least scan news headlines
  • worship billie piper
  • floss your teeth
  • try to find/keep employment
  • drink with friends semi-regularly
  • buy groceries at an actual grocery store
  • daydream about david tennant
  • avoid self-reflection at all costs
  • fake it til you make it

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If you don’t believe that Ten dragged that old scooter out of storage so that Rose would wrap her arms and legs around him, you probably won’t enjoy following my blog.

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Still not over it o(╥﹏╥)o

quick sketch of what I think should have happened, like uuuugghhh 

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princess-harley-quinn: Here's a timed prompt that I was wanting to do a fanart for but couldn't find the proper words for the comic, so you can write a little something for me yeah? Tentoo gives Rose an early wedding present because Jackie subjected him to this long talk about how Rose didn't have something blue yet and he suddenly had inspiration for a present

"I still don’t understand why I have to wear a blindfold. You already know I overheard you and mum arguing; kinda gave away the surprise, just a bit." Rose lifts her hand to try to remove the piece of cloth wrapped around her eyes. 

"Don’t you dare," the Doctor says, batting her hand away. "You still don’t know what the something blue is. Didn’t know what it would be when I had that oh so civilized conversation with Jackie yet, did I? Came up with it after that. I just —” He sighs and she hears him run a hand through his hair. “I really want it to be a surprise, okay?”

"Ugh, fine. but do I have to keep wearing this? It’s hot and itchy and we’ve already been walking for over an hour. I’ll shut my eyes tight and won’t peak. Promise."

"I don’t believe that for two seconds. You’re trying to cheat, just like you do on your birthday every year. I know you, Rose Tyler, and it won’t work. Besides, we’re almost there. Well, I say almost there… Ooh, do you hear that, Rose? That blackbird is calling to his mate. Brilliant!” 

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tkross: Ten/Rose: Rose takes a bath


“So I was thinking that maybe we could…”

The Doctor’s voice, which had grown louder as he came closer, trailed off. He stared, and Rose was grateful for the overabundance of bubbles.

“Doctor,” she said, sliding a bit lower in the tub, “you’ve really got to start knocking. Maybe even just not coming in at all when I’m in the loo.”

“Right.” He rubbed the back of his neck and fixed his eyes firmly on her face. “Well, I was thinking, you remember you’d wanted to go visit Plartronxis Vee after I mentioned their gelato inspired Earth’s version?”

“Yeah,” she said, watching him, trying to decide whether it would be worth standing to see his reaction. They’d exchanged a few kisses, increasingly heated after their encounter with the Devil, or whomever it had been, but nothing had progressed beyond that.

“I thought we could go try some today,” he grinned.

“Sure,” she answered, waiting for him to either continue speaking or leave. When he did neither, she spoke again. “Maybe we can wait until after I finish my bath, yeah?”

His mouth opened slightly, his eyes flickering over bubbles briefly before returning to her face, a slight flush on his cheeks.

“Yeah, probably wait until after. I mean, I suppose I could manage to transport you in the bath. Then again…”

“Doctor,” she interrupted. “I don’t want to go while in my bath.”

“Right.” He continued to stand, unmoving.

“You going to let me finish or do you want to join me?” asked Rose boldy.

The Doctor squeaked.  

Send a prompt; I’ll start a ten-minute timer when I read it, post at the buzzer.

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new earth
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Anonymous: In accordance with my promise to kilodalton to pay forward anonymous love, I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. You are kind and thoughtful, and have often brightened my day with asks and fan mail. Thank you for being you!

Thank you! <3 Right back at you, whoever you are! (and I think I know ;))

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Anonymous: prompt: nine/rose, longing

"How can you not see it?" 

Rose sticks her tongue out in concentration as she stretches her right leg forward and underneath her arm to reach the blue dot on the twister mat. 

"See what? It’s your turn."

Jack spins, looking down at her with a smirk. “The longing in his eyes. Just look at him watching us. Watching you.” 

Rose glances at the Doctor just in time to see him look away and duck underneath the console. 

"We aren’t like that." 

"Right, he’s ‘better than that’, you’ve said. I still think that’s a load of crap. You two could build a river around the land of denial you live in." 

"You don’t understand, Jack. He’s bigger, more important than being someone’s boyfriend." She blows her hair out of her eyes, straining from the effort of keeping her contorted position. "Are you gonna take your turn or are we gonna chat about boys all day?"

Jack lifts an eyebrow and glances at the spinner. “Ooh, would you look at that? Right hand and red — things are about to get cozy. Knew we should have played naked twister.”

He loops his arm underneath her to reach the circle, barely missing brushing against her breasts. 

"Oi! Watch it!" she says, laughing. 

Chuckling, he grabs the spinner to hand to her. “Look — all I’m saying, Rosie, is that it’s there in his eyes. He wants you. Believe me, I know that look. I’ve had it directed at me by more than my fair share of humans and aliens.”

"Yeah, I bet you have." Rose tries to shrug and almost loses her balance, nearly collapsing onto Jack. "Maybe, I dunno. Doesn’t matter though does it?"

"Right! That’s all sorted then. When you lot are done talking about me and twisting your body parts around like rabid apes, I’ll be in the kitchen making tea," the Doctor says, interrupting Rose just as she’s about to lift her left leg over Jack’s bum to get to a green dot.  

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